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I really like what I did here before.  I think that I will start things up again when I have time. Advertisements

I don’t know what it means to follow my leaders anymore. When I was in High School I believed that every word that anyone in a position of authority in the Church said were as good as scripture. This point of view got me into a very bad situation at the end of my senior […]



I feel guilty for a lot of things. For instance I am going to my favorite wings shack to purchase a whole mess of spicy bbq wings. After devouring them, I will most likely feel bad because I know that even though they are so good, they are really so really so bad. I also […]

Last Saturday I read a ridiculous op-ed piece in Scroll the unofficial, official, student voice of BYU-Idaho. The staff was writer was pleading with the readers to give an alleged thief a break. But you will find it interesting that the man was not stealing textbooks, computers, or even from the local Wal-Mart. No. This […]

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One day in the halls I overheard some students talking about how it was not an uncommon thing for Mormons to have an extra digit (i.e. finger or toe) on each hand and foot. This was funny to me. It made think about the so called toad, that if licked, will cause one to hallucinate […]

The four hours that I spent watching Helen Whitney’s Frontline/American Experience documentary the Mormons, was almost as good as watching the extended version of Peter Jackson’s Return of the King. On the whole it was fair. Many different perspectives were given as much time as they could to respectfully make their points. There were some […]

After watching part one, I have somewhat mixed emotions. Let me be honest, years ago I would discounted the documentary as anti-Mormon trash and that if you wanted the real history, you should go talk to the missionaries or any active long time member of the Church. But now, after watching the first two hours, […]