I feel guilty for a lot of things. For instance I am going to my favorite wings shack to purchase a whole mess of spicy bbq wings. After devouring them, I will most likely feel bad because I know that even though they are so good, they are really so really so bad.

I also feel guilty when I go for more then a week without blogging. There many things that are worthy of noting here, but unfortunately when I get home from work, I don’t seem to have the mental energy to write anything significant, and if I do have the energy, end up writing something like this. I sometimes feel like I am wasting my time and that what I want to be a serious endeavor ends up being little more then a Myspace page (I don’t like Myspace).

But here are some things worth noting. The PBS documentary has satisfied my interest in all things controversial that has to do with Mormon history. It was gratifying to see General Authorities on such a program and adressing topics that have been important to me for a couple of years. In the end I have concluded, that the Church is true, the people are not perfect, and that much more good comes from emphasizing the positive instead of chewing on the same controversies over, and over, again. I even started reading a book by the late Elder Geoge Q. Cannon about the life of Joseph Smith and am finding it very interesting.

I am getting really excited about moving to Provo. While I have been there before, I have never lived there, and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that will come along with that.

Well, I must be packing.


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