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One day in the halls I overheard some students talking about how it was not an uncommon thing for Mormons to have an extra digit (i.e. finger or toe) on each hand and foot. This was funny to me. It made think about the so called toad, that if licked, will cause one to hallucinate as if they had taken a significant ammount of LSD. I should have combined both rumors at that moment and said that if you lick one of the extra fingers or toes of a Mormon, it will cause you to trip out.

Humor aside, the PBS documentary The Mormons has been not only been the hot topic for LDS bloggers, but has caused a stirr in the newsroom at, the official website of the Church.

This first statement has to do with documentary. Basically I agree with what they said. As far as documentaries go, this was good. But as far as representing me, as a member of the Church, and who I am as a Mormon, it fell woefully short. Honestly, most of the Church’s membership spends very little time thinking about polygamy, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, or intellectuals who get the boot for their apostate writing. Because it is so much bigger then that, I am frustrated that Helen Whitney decided to spend so much time on these two historical issues. But I will not go so far as my high councilor friend who decries the whole thing as anti-Mormon filth.

The next statement is interesting. It has to do with what is considered doctrine. Personally I am glad that there are no longer attempts to define the doctrine as some have attempted to do in the past. Largely I have found that this leads to apathy on the part of the membership when it comes to things like scripture study. I am glad that in General Conference, speakers stick to very basic principles. I have found that you can learn profound truths through prayer and scripture study and do not have to consult Mormon Doctrine on everything.

If The Mormons gets people to take a deeper look at the Church, then that is good. But so far, I do not know anyone other then my member friends who have watched it. After all “The Bill Moyers Television Network” has some stiff competition in the form of whatever else is on during the time slots in which The Mormonsaired.


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