The Mormons (Thoughts on the American Experience documentary)


After watching part one, I have somewhat mixed emotions. Let me be honest, years ago I would discounted the documentary as anti-Mormon trash and that if you wanted the real history, you should go talk to the missionaries or any active long time member of the Church. But now, after watching the first two hours, now that I have reached the place I am intellectually and more importantly spiritually, I can say that is was well done, and that it was able to respectfully present many different perspectives. My mixed emotions comes from how will I talk to people at Church, many of whom, will have very different, if not negative feelings about the documentary.

I am interested in truth and do not care who is telling it. If it is the Church, that’s fine, if it is someone else, that’s okay too. As long as you are telling what is really the truth, I don’t care and believe that I will only be a better person for knowing things that are true.

In the end, the truth is what really sets us all free.


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