Lobster at the end of the world


Last night I had a crazy dream. I have since entitled it Lobster at the end of the world.

The dream went as follows.

My friends and I were hanging out when there was a blinding flash that filled the sky. Immediately we realized that the sun had just died and that soon, life as we know it on earth would cease.

As you could imagine there was general pandemonium. The freeways were clogged as people tried to make their way underground in order to survive. In our quest for underground sanctuary from the cold that would soon ensue we happened upon a wedding reception that had been abandoned.

This was a real high-class affair, complete with a very large main lobster at each plate and a sophisticated computerized machine designed to de-shell our fare relieving one of the mess that results from eating lobster.

So there we were. Sitting around enjoying the fact that we were enjoying this ill-gotten lobster at the end of the world.

Unfortunately I awoke and sadly, there was no lobster.


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