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Yesterday a friend and coworker said something that left me taken back; it caught me off guard. We were talking about faith and religion and my friend said that I was not like other Mormons she has known. This seemed odd. I began wonder if somehow, because of my personal intellectual and spiritual interests, I […]

Big things


Today was big. Some things that were tying me to my life in Georgia were suddenly removed. But first let me explain what has made today, of all days, significant. Over the summer I worked for EFY and had an awesome experience. In October I met with President Weiler and was able to lay to […]

Last night I had a crazy dream. I have since entitled it Lobster at the end of the world. The dream went as follows. My friends and I were hanging out when there was a blinding flash that filled the sky. Immediately we realized that the sun had just died and that soon, life as […]